Tuesday 1 November 2016

End of school term 2016

Time flies, we are in the last quarter of 2016 already.  Exams are over for the kids, it's end of school term for this year.  One of the main activities for every school would be the Sports Day, most of the schools having their Sports Day at the beginning of the year, some towards the end of the year when all their exams are done with so the students can concentrate on training and perform well.  

I attended my kid's sports day last week, the marching band is not perfect but good enough for primary school students with about 2 weeks training.    

After the sport day, I could noticed my girl had sun burnt, good training for her to be in the matching band. 

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  1. So nice your kids finished their exam last week. Mine is coming up this Thursday. Could not wait for the long holiday to start. ^^


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