Tuesday 21 February 2023

A visit to H Benjamin Residences, Kundasang, Sabah

We drove up to Mesilou in Kundasang from Jabez Resort to explore the happenings there. Mesilou is situated at the hill side of Mt Kinabalu where a lot of Resorts, home stays, cattle farm, strawberries farms, restaurants and golf course are located. 
We came upon a strawberry farm when we drove to Kundasang golf course, I must say the scenery from the golf course is breathtaking. Followed the direction, we arrived at Mesilou Strawberry Farm, very pity that no ripening strawberry can be seen as they have just be harvested. Well, it's still a good visit, we don't come by here often. 

On the way down from the strawberry farm, we were attracted by the bricks look building, it's H Benjamin Residences. We had our lunch here.

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  1. Hi Agnes, thanks for coming by! You still have a few blogs, wow, nowadays I cannot even maintain one blog.. hahaha... anyway, keep them running!


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