Tuesday 21 February 2023

BW Bus Restaurant 小陳巴巴, Kundasang, Sabah

The buses that we rode on back in the younger years are no longer roadworthy. Instead of letting them to rot in the junk yard or send to scrap metal, some creative businessmen refurbished these buses into cafes. I have sighted several of these cafes around the towns and we finally had a meal on the bus at BW Bus Restaurant in Kundasang. It is situated right at the entrance of Jabez Resort at where we stayed a couple of weeks ago. 

Honestly, it has brought back a lot of memories when we (me & my better half) stepped on the bus. It was these buses that we rode to the town and to school for my better half. There were rolls of seats during those days and now turned into tables and seats as cafe.  

We did not expected much on the food they served but surprisingly they are good in taste and presentations.  We are satisfied with the dinner, I do not mind dine there again.


We are went to visit the Mesilou Strawberry Farm on 1850 ft above sea level and had lunch at H Benjamin Residences not far from the junction to the strawberry farm.  


  1. Thank you for your visit and your comment, Agnes. It's wonderful to meet you. You are from Malaysia? We have never been there. It looks like a beautiful country.

  2. Very pretty residences and I love the flowers and beautiful scenery. It's clever to make old buses into dining cars! Looks like a very nice cafe!


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