Saturday 25 February 2023

Aroid & Orchid Exhibition, Rafflesia & wild life of Borneo

One of the weekday after sending our girls to the Uni and school in the morning, we went to the city to check out the Art Attic shop near City Hall but the shop only opens at 10 a.m., since we are just near the City Hall and there is Aroid & Orchid Exhibition going on, I was curious what Aroid is, we went in to have a look.

A search from Google :
What is considered an aroid plant? Aroids are from the family Araceae and include many common houseplants like aglaonemas, monsteras, philodendrons, pothos and ZZ plants. While these plants tend to be “low light” indoor plants, they're often understory plants in the wild.

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  1. Thanks Agnes for the information on aroid plants. I love to look at plants and flowers.


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