Tuesday 28 February 2023

Rahmah Meal at Old Town White Coffee

We had a very satisfying breakfast cum lunch (brunch) at Old Town White Coffee, Jalan Gaya, KK yesterday. There is no banner or sign of the Rahmah Meal place outside the shop nor on the table. This leaflet is displayed on the cashier's counter.

We wanted to try the minced chicken set but it has sold out at around 10 a.m. so we ordered the Nasi Lemak Rahmah set and Nasi Lemak Rahmah with Sausage set.  All come with Lime Drink.  I am a coffee lover, I switched the Lime Drink with White Coffee by adding just RM2.00

Rahmah Meals for 2 of us cost RM11.50, it is very economical.

The rice is very fragrant, ikan bilis (anchovies) is crunchy, egg and cucumber are fresh.  The sambal is nice but just a bit too hot for my taste bud (just me).  Though is in a small bowl, the portion is just right.  Definitely will come back for my meals.

Hope there will be more shops and restaurants support the government's initiative in providing affordable meals to the public very soon.


  1. I think the rahmah meals initiative by the government is a good move. I have tried the rahmah meals at burger king. I will try this rahmah meals at otwc too if got chance.

    1. I wanted to try rahmah meals at burger king too will check it out.


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