Thursday 3 April 2008


After reading the posting on pumpkin porridge by catherine, it gave me an idea to cook some for my girls today. I added some chicken to enhance its taste and flavour. Guess what we ended up having chicken and pumpkin porridge for breakfast and lunch today. Knowing the nutrition facts on pumpkin it would be a good idea to have it in our diet. I do not mind having it in pie, cake or soup only if, I repeat, only if I know how to make them.:( SIL used to make pumpkin cakes and distribute to all of us and my girls love it. Probably I should get the recipe from her and learn how to make some on my own. Will post it once I have successfully make one lah..

Pearl is seriously tasting the chicken & pumpkin bubur :D


  1. Looks not bad actually, maybe the only different is I mashed the pumpkin together with the porridge until it won't appear as pieces. There you will find the porridge turn into golden colour. :) How does it taste actually? Yeah your girl was tasting it so seriously, I think should be taste nice! Oh wish to see your pumpkin cake soon!

    Catherine....Newife Blog

  2. Hi catherine,

    Taste a bit sweet. will try to mash it next time. SIL says a lot of work to make pumpkin cake, consistency also has to be accurate. will definitely post it if I were to make one.

  3. I’ve been cooking pumpkin porridge for Ethan since he started taking semi-solid food. We sieve his porridge so the porridge looks organgy hehe.. But he sure does love his pumpkin porridge!:)

  4. Since we are no longer sending Pearl to baby sitter, I've got to get more porridge cooking ideas so she gets to eat bubur at home.


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