Friday 11 April 2008


Don't we just love eating nice food? Forget about the calories, cholesterol, fats, that kind of stuff once in a while?! :> Restaurant Sri Rezeki at Lintas that we went to is known to serve nice Malay Cruisine by many. I finally got the chance to taste its Soto Ayam and Rojak myself this week. The Soto ayam is simply superb. Crystal and Pearl love it too. The Rojak is nice too but is a bit too sweet for my taste buds.
Soto Ayam
Rojak Mee
If you know places that sell nice food and yummy snacks around KK, please let me know I would be pleased to try them out some days :D.. EATING IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ENJOYMENT IN LIFE... :))


  1. they look good indeed! Makes me's dinnertime here but I haven't cooked:)

  2. The soto looks good. Once I had this soto that was simply out of this world. Couldn't find anything better than this one though the stall is no longer around. It used to be located in the canteen of this government office of all places ...

  3. Alamak, the soto looks really good and I bet the rojak was as yummy as it look. Yum yum yum!


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