Monday 7 April 2008


Our expenditure will be running high this month due to unexpected car maintenance cost which was really not budgeted for. Our year’s old car air-con gave us a very irritating sound on Thursday morning and we were very worried about it. From that funny sound we knew very well that it was asking for money. We were hesitant to send the car in for repair, however, we couldn’t afford to have our car break down as this is our only car that we have for our business and family used. On that very afternoon, we sent our car in for checking and it turned out that repair was inevitable; the air-con was in the midst of broken down. It cost us RM537.00 to change the bearing, housing and coil for the air-con, that also include a set of auto lock motor for the driver side which was not functioning for quite some time, for safety reason we have no choice but to change the motor. The auto lock motor would normally about RM20.00 for other made of cars but it is particularly expensive for Waja which cost up to RM200.00 per motor; worst still no warranty available. That’s not about all; our car was heated up in the city the following day due to faulty auto fan motor, that’s again cost us another RM160.00 to change the parts. Altogether we spent RM700.00 on car maintenance in 2 days. We are really off budget for this month now and have to think of ways to cut other corners which is tough..sigh..

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