Sunday 13 April 2008


Have you ever been in the situation where you are thinking of trying something out but never put it into action getting it done? Give all sorts of excuses for procrastination?? Or even abandoning the whole idea after some times?? The excuses given to ourselves or others for not proceeding with the ideas in mind are non exhaustive. The most common ones are: no time, it was raining that day, I am not good at that, nanti lah (wait for the right time), etc, etc….Too bad isn’t it? In actual fact, sometimes the main culprit behind it simply SCARED TO FAIL??

The Scared To Fail devil came to me when I was thinking of baking a chiffon cake recently, which is too petty to mention. Due to past experiences, I delay my baking day after day until Clet finally giving a little comment on when he can have a piece of the chiffon cake that I suppose to be making, and wonder what happen to the cake mix that he was asked to buy weeks ago. My answer to him was simply “I scared to fail AGAIN ba!!”. His reply was “What can be worst, if it didn’t turn out to be what you expected we still can eat bah!!” Be honest with you, I had attended a few baking classes, followed instructions from cakes baking books, obtain advises from the gurus, however, I still fail in baking. There are times I got so disappointed that I packed all my baking stuff and store them all in the store room.

Comes to think of it, Clet’s reply was simply a “DARE TO FAIL” attitude. I vividly remember Clet got a copy of this book entitled “DARE TO FAIL” by Billi Lim years back. I believe this book must have inspired a lot of readers that include Clet too… It was mentioned by Billi that “Failing is part of success therefore one should not allow fear of failing as a stumbling block to achieve successes, especially to a small task like mine. :))

”Here are a few quotes from Billi, “Failing in the past does not mean that you are going to fail in the future.” "Not having succeeded can be forgiven. Not having tried at all is unforgiveable." It a great book to read and be inspired.

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