Tuesday 1 April 2008


Well, it's always been last minute idea of what to have for dinner everyday, no plans whatsoever, when times come to prepare meals I just got to open to the fridge and search for whatever there are and let my ideas flow. The only consideration I have to take into account is whether the kids would like to eat them or not, they are quite picky on food and very unpredictable too. Sometimes I just have to take chances. Guess most parents face the same problem some how....After 20 minutes, dinner is served. We have got a meaty meal tonite which Clet does not mind at all.
Pan fried seasoned minced pork. It turned out to be the most sought after dish tonite. We've got the remove the outer layer as it's a bit hard and crunchy for Pearl to bite.

Long beans (Kacang panjang) with eggs and garlic. The long beans has to be well cooked for the kids as well. Surprisingly Crystal loves it.

A readily prepared Char Sau with sauce which I bought from Merdeka Supermarket for RM5.00.
The good news is nothing left at the end. The best news is BIL, Vic turned up too late and he ended up having plain omellete and rice for dinner. Just before Crystal went to bed she has got one request, "Mummy I want to have the same food again tomorrow". That's how appreciative kids are sometimes..:)

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  1. Wow! simple but nice!
    I think i can do the long beans with eggs...LOL


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