Monday 31 March 2008


Is a norm for the girls to look for the Daddy first thing they wake up in the morning (they are betul betul daddy's girls), my answer to them is "Daddy has gone to work". Somehow they understand but deep down their hearts they miss their Daddy very much.
Clet did not disappoint them for their long wait for the Daddy to come home after 2 days outstation to Sandakan. He brought back some goodies, Strawberry stickers, plastic wraist bands and a set of battery operated Walkie Talkie featuring Winnie the Pooh for them (something different from the usual girly stuff). Crystal was very eager to try it out while Pearl is still too little to operate it, she prefered to keep it in the pack after a few trails and shifted her interest onto the goodies instead.
Nothing expensive but these are something from Daddy that the girls are happy with..:)

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  1. Clet is a thoughtful father... how lucky ur gals are


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