Saturday 29 March 2008


While already suffered from gout, Clet irresistably feeding himself with Chinese mushrooms and lamb satays at cousin's house on Monday night. His ankle became even swollen and pain started to set in after that. Thanks to his sister, Rosalind, who came by to visit us and telling him that taking berries juices would help in gout; strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, just to name a few of berries that are common to us and just by drinking their juices will see the result.

A pack of 1 litre Sunfresh apple cranberry juice drink

Clet was really worried that he couldn't walk the next day and out of curiosity he went to find some berries juices at Merdeka Supermarket just before it closes. Among other berries juices, he chose the "Sunfresh Apple Cranberry Juice Drink" for RM4.90 per 1 litre pack. It is made from reconstituted apple and cranberry juice, sugar, citric acid and flavouring. Believe it or not, the swell as well as the pain have obviously reduced and he felt much relieve the night itself.

Study has showed that cranberries had high antioxidants contain than any other fruit. Several of cranberry's polyphenol antioxidants are procyanidins, the same family of pigments that make cherries red. However, because cranberries are so tart, their juice has to be diluted and sweetened to be palatable. A diluted Cranberry-juice cocktail contains just 27 percent of berry juice is still the second-most potent source of antioxidants after grape juice. As such it is a good source of antioxidant for the prevention of urinary tract infections as well as to fight cancer, heart related diseases, diabetes, and also help to increase the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol—the so-called good cholesterol too.

Gout sufferers should try this out to feel results.

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  1. Hope Cletus is well. Never knew tht berry juices could relieve gout. I have a friend who suffers fromt this, i'll give him a tinkle, see if he's aware


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