Wednesday 5 March 2008


I got to know about umbilical cord blood stem cells banking about 3 years ago when a sales representative was promoting this facility at my gynea’s clinic. She was handing out leaflets to the expecting mothers who were sitting patiently waiting for our monthly reviews. Like usual I would try to avoid any sales persons with my unapproachable look. I just took the leaflet as she distributed to me and that’s it, so she would rather share this opportunity with other expecting mothers.

The StemLife leaflet appeared in front of me while I was tidying up my bag a couple of months later. After browsing through the leaflet, I find this was something amazing and that I was eager to know more. We sought both our gynae and child practitioner's opinions on this and their responses are that if you could afford it why not...After much thoughts, I told myself that this is the best thing I could do for my daughter. I quickly get hold of a sales person to brief me through and signed up almost immediately. I was in my 34 weeks pregnancy that time. I told myself that if I don’t do it this time then I never will.

There are proven records show that stem cells are used to treat many prevalent diseases in the world nowadays, especially leukemia, thalassaemia, hear disease and diabetic ulcers. Studies are being carried out in finding the use of stem cells for the treatment of other deadly diseases. Countries like Korea and Taiwan have poured out millions of dollars by their governments in support of the research. I personally feel that this is the best protection that I can give to my child.

I would encourage parents to seriously consider taking this once in a life time opportunity to store the umbilical cord blood stem cells for their little ones and the family. IT COULD SAVE LIFE…..

There are two Stem Cell Banking companies that I know of in Malaysia. They are StemLife and Cryocord. Please view their websites at and for further information.

The fees involved then was RM2,500.00 (can be paid by 3 instalments). Annual storage fees is RM250.00.

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