Saturday 29 March 2008


This strawberry flavoured bread roll was brought all the way from Manila by brother in law, Edward, who visited the Philippines for a few days. It was delivered to us moments after he arrived in KK. It looked like a swiss roll but taste more like bread than cake, that's why I called it bread roll. Well, it is something different from what we normally have here.

That's how it looked like after slicing it.

A pack of popular dried mango. Another pack already in our tummy. Is a must buy product whoever visited the Philippines. It's simply a delicious finger food but diabetic should not touch it.

I got a Superman T-shirt while Clet got an Orange T-shirt. We would like to thank Edward for his thoughtfulness. He looked pretty exhausted after hours flight from the Philippines.

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  1. Bread roll...hmmm something different...
    very thoughtful BIL...


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