Tuesday 18 March 2008

Another MLM Opportunity

Merely a few days ago I reminded Clet that from now on whatever it is we are not going into any Multi Level Marketing (MLM) businesses again for reasons that we know best. With the exceptional that if the products are really good and pricing are reasonable then it would be fine to join as product user only rather that business builder. There was no answer from him and I construed as No answer means Agreed.

And barely 72 hours from my reminder to Clet, I was introduced to yet another MLM company called ZHULIAN by my valued customer at her office today. Her sponsor did a health check on me as soon as I arrived there by using a weighing machine similar to the one used by HerbaLife besides this one has got a little digital reader that I have to hold up straight while the machine is “downloading” information from my body. Glad to know that my biological age (ie. an organism's physical state as it ages) is 5 years younger than my actual age.

I was told that ZHULIAN is a Malaysian owned direct selling company whose products include fashion jewellery, food & beverages, home care, nutritional health, personal care, beauty care, home tech and accessories. Most of the products are manufactured in house. The rewards to the achievers are similarly good if not better; however, what I am looking for now is a truly working from home business that I enjoy doing which eventually allows me to have more time for my family without having to worry about money. I never enjoy doing MLM business (it gave me so much stress mentally, physically and financially) and so for that matter this is not a business for me I must say.

And that’s the reason why I start blogging :Q


  1. Hi Agnes,
    MLM sound just too familiar to mot of us right? Some can be so good in this. I was never that interested in one, tho still i registered in a few as user


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