Saturday 29 March 2008


Today is all about blogs hoping, cooking, and eating. I stayed at home with my girls the whole day as Clet had been out since 9am to take some photos for the forthcoming grand properties public auction sales tentatively set on 26th April 2008 was only back around 6pm. The girls miss him terribly.
What did I cook today? Since I am prepared to stay at home whole day long, I have to make sure there are sufficient food for the girls. In the morning, I fried garlic rice with butter, my girls like it very much. To make sure there is food for lunch, I cooked porridge with lean pork and liver in the National rice cooker by using the porridge mode, it is so convenient that the next moment I open up the cover, porridge is all ready to be served. In between meals my girls had swiss rolls, bread, jelly, their favourite vitagen and of course 2 bottles each of Dumex formula. We had mee udang fried with garlic for dinner. The meals for today are all easy to prepare, allowing me to have time to do some blogs hoping which is a good chance to get to know other bloggers.


  1. Hi Agnes

    Thanks for visiting my humble blog...Long wanted to visit ur blog, but just too bz with work...
    Probably change job again in another month time, so bz sorting things out...
    Amaze with ur daily event. I'm an idiot can't help it! Always admire ppl who can make dishes! hopefully can pick it up one day if my girls request me to cook...will see will see...

  2. Hi kelly

    I am a lousy cook too but no choice have to cook at home as eating out is too costly nowadays and cannot decide what and where to eat all the time.furthermore eating out with my 2 girls are a big challenge too.


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