Thursday 6 March 2008


Kids tend to have “many” hands because of their curiosity in everything, they would touch just about anything that they see because by touching and feeling the things that they see would be the most satisfying. We can not stop them by doing so because these are the learning process of the children. Adults too, aren't we like to take a look at descriptions or ingredients on the shampoo bottles and cereal boxes in the supermarkets? We want to check them out before buying bah..

Since we know there is no way that we could stop our kids from touching and grabbing toys from the shelves at the departmental stores, touching the floor, or the table or chair at the eatery, where dusts and germs are everywhere only our eyes can not see. It is quite impossible to wash our hands immediately all the time, that’s when a bottle of Quicklean Instant Antibacterial hand Gel comes in handy. It can be placed in our bag everywhere we go, it can be used instantly on hands without rinsing. This bottle of Quicklean is given by my sister in law as she knows we have got two very curious daughters, especially Crystal with thump sucking habit and Pearl eating with hands habit.
A bottle of hovid Quicklena Instant Antibacterial Hand Gel with moisturisers costs RM10.50. It is a new rinse-free, safe and effective gel that kills 99% of most common germs. There are many other brands for sale at Watsons and Guardian stores. Check them out for more clean hands..!!

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