Monday 17 March 2008


Our girls (basically all kids) like jellies very much. They usually grabbed a pack or two jellies into the shopping cart whenever we go for shopping. They have tried many different types of jellies from the supermarket shelves and I thought it would be a good idea to surprise them with mummy’s special jelly. Though the jelly that I made turned out to be more like custard but the nutrition are much better than the ones from the ready packed supermarket brands. Regardless whatever it turned out to be, the girls are really thrilled with mummy’s jelly. This is my simple jelly recipe :-

a) 500ml water (bring to boiled and off fire);
b) Evenly add a sachet of edible Gelatine while stirring briskly with a fork. Continue to stir until all the gelatine granules have dissolved and the liquid is clear and golden.

c) Allow the Gelatine mixture to cool slightly before adding 5 – 6 table spoons of Dumex Duglo Strawberry milk powder. Stirring briskly until the milk powder have dissolved. (Just add some condensed milk or sugar if you want it to be sweeter).

d) Transfer the mixture to a mould or a container;
e) Let it set in the fridge then serve.

The girls are so thrilled and eargely trying out mummy's jelly straight from the mould.

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