Saturday 8 March 2008


We have been sterilizing feeding bottles and teats since Crystal was born. Initially we used the old method of boiling the bottles and teats but after a while we found out that the bottles and the teats do not last long under the repeated heat of the boiling water and I always get my fingers burned when taking them out from the hot water.
We then try to sterilize the bottles and teats by using the sterilising tablets from Boots. In fact at first I was not pleased with the smell of the solution and there is also doubt of any side effect for my baby by immersing the bottles in this "smelly" water. After reading the directions for use and the benefit of using this method, I am willing to give it a try for it says “Convenient, Safe and Proven Effective”. Guess what, I have been using the product since with that one try. Now I just clean the girls’ bottles and utensils with dish washing liquid and immerse them into the solution until the next feed. It is so much convenient for me. No worries about burning fingers and cracking bottles.

A box of Boots Feeding Bottle Steriliser tablets consist of 32 or 64 tablets, can be bought at any hypermarkets. The directions for use is very simple:
1. Thoroughly clean and rinse the bottle, cap and teat (I use dish washing liquid and brush to clean them).
2. Fully dissolve one Steriliser Tablet in 2 litres of water, using a non-metallic container (I use filtered water and a big Tupperware container).
3. Completely immerse the bottle, cap and teat in the solution for at least 30 minutes before using.
4. Drain the bottle and teat, without rinsing, and then fill with the feed.
5. Renew the solution just once every 24 hours.
That's it.

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