Monday 7 April 2008


By looking at the cross stitches hanging at the walls at my little home, my memories brought me back to when I was still young and free. During that time, I spent hours and hours, days and nights patiently stitching to complete pattern after pattern of cross stitches. That’s one of my interests then and I was very much addicted to it. I am not a pro on this but the interest kept me going until I got married and pregnant; the morning sickness was hard on me that time that I couldn’t do much on anything; then with the arrival of the little one and another little one after that, I just couldn’t find the time to go back stitching any more. I was glad that I had completed a number of cross stitch patterns so far which gave me a great sense of accomplishment and real satisfaction especially when there’s someone gave words of compliments. My last project was an attempt to complete the “Last Supper” pattern and it is still about 40% to completion. Here I would like to showcase some of my completed cross stitches. There are a lot of free patterns to be downloaded from the website nowadays unlike those days we got to buy patterns from the shop where choices are very limited. I am sure I will be back again when my girls are a bit older probably I could share my passion on cross stitch with them too..
"Shower Us with God's Love"
"Swan Lake Country Home"
"My Kitchen Prayer"


  1. Very nice cross stitches!
    I will never have the patient to finish the whole piece!

  2. oh.. cross stitch.. i remember those days when I was still addicted to doing it.. now i've outgrown it.. but I still have a lot of stuff for it..

    im addicted to digital scrapbooking

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    Anything and Everything in Between

  3. My wife used to love doing cross stitching till she was forced to wear glasses ... LOL!

  4. I really love the Swan Lake Country Home! Wow..I have some cross stitch kits I haven't touch..I don't really have the patience.


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