Wednesday 13 May 2015

Overnight Trip to Mesilau Kundasang -Day 2

The next day, we woke up early in the chill morning.  Everyone were excited to find the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu, it is so close as if we are almost reach the mountain top.  My youngest daughter was so excited, she was the one who woke us up in the morning.  Our hand phones worked very hard to capture the best view.  

Me with the Mountain view at the back

It was so cold that I have a bowl of rice wine chicken soup to warm up my body

On the way back,  we stop by Kundasang market place to buy some local vegetables and for the 1st time, I shopped at the flowers stalls

small pots of chillies, I did not buy any

spread of flowers

Cactus, these are the ones I was looking for

I bought 3 pots of flowers.  The red one is meant for my mum for Mother's Day but she asked me to take care of it.  She said this flower is very common.

and I also bought 3 small pots of cactus.  Now I will have to take care of my plants which I have never done before.  The weather is so hot,  I have been watering my plants for the last 2 days when I reach home after work.  


  1. I had a round cactus just like the one in the last pic in a big shallow pot and it was stolen from us. Did you buy any plants from the nursery?

  2. If I go again, I would like to stay overnight and view the sunrise.


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