Tuesday 12 May 2015

Overnight Trip to Mesilau Kundasang - Day 1

We went for an overnight trip at Mesilau Kundasang last weekend, stayed at Kinabalu View Chalet.  Mesilau is the highest accessible point by road at the foot of Majestic Mount Kinabalu.
Our double cab was loaded with the necessities for us to have a comfortable stay at the cool climate.
As usual we had a brief stopover at Tamparuli town to have its famous Tamparuli mee before continuing our journey.  After 2 hours + road journey from Kota Kinabalu, we arrived at the chalet.  Mount Kinabalu was fully covered by thick cloud throughout our journey there, we were unable to have a glimpse of it. 

Our family members occupied the whole 3 chalets, which is good that we can make the noises without disturbing others.  Each chalet has its own kitchen equipped with basic utensils, the set up of the room are very basic with the feel of staying in the kampung.
Not long after arriving, Clet has started to set up the BBQ while waiting for the rest to arrive.  

The only set back of this place is the flies, there are up to thousands of them sticking and flying around.  Even the smoke, flies repellent spray could not chase them away.  We have to cover our food while eating that has totally spoiled my appetite. Those flies disappear when sun set and come back in the morning, yuck!! The same situation happened when we stayed at one of the chalet around that place many years ago.  I was told that this is because of the fertilizer used at the surrounding farms and also the cattle farm nearby.  I believe there must be a way to keep these flies away.
Forgot about the flies.  We walked around taking photos of the flowers in front of the chalet.  

Clet set up the tent for the kids to play but  it is too small for them to stay inside, our kids has grown up my dear.
The highlight of the night was the double celebration of SIL's 50th birthday and Mother's Day.  Both the homemade mango cake and cheese cake are so delicious, I had slices of both cake and hot coffee for dinner.  


  1. Wow that sounds like a very fun road trip. Never been to any part of Sabah. I hope I can visit some day especially the mountain..hehhe. I like the cooling air.

  2. That was a great get-away. I love the photos.

    Been to KK twice and each time we drove up to Kundasang, enjoying the cooling breeze and fresh air. Hope to go back there one day, bringing my kids along.

  3. I have only been to Kota Kinabalu and that's only to the town area and koko hill. I really like the chalets and the flowers but of cause not the flies.


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