Wednesday 28 October 2015

Pizza Bread

It was last week after school sports day, they were all sweaty after the event, it would be more comfortable to get refresh and settle for lunch at home.  Our girls agreed with having pizzas for lunch.  We had to stop by the supermarket to get some ingredients on our way home. 

This time we tried using bread as the base instead of pizza dough.  We chose the thick sliced white bread to hold the toppings.

I sliced and chopped the basic toppings like sausages, crab stick filaments, capsicum and onions and my girl help to grate the cheese through the Tupperware grater.
my girls and my niece placed the toppings on their own bread, the one with onions & capsicum is mine, ready to put into the oven.  It is hard to convince our girls to have a piece of vegetable on their portions.

I placed the pizza bread at the middle level in the oven with only the upper heating element on.  Here are the baked pizza bread hot from the oven...

my eldest girl added parmesan cheese on her serving as she complained that her pizza bread with lots of cheese has been taken by someone else.

and steamed sweet corns as side dish 


  1. Nice lunch. I love pizza bread. Simple and tasty to be eaten when it is warm. Long time did not make it.

  2. I used to do this when I was in college. I can eat so many slices of this pizza bread. That explains my double the size of me back then lah :D

  3. Not bad, a fun and healthy lunch! You could try chopping up onion/capsicum and incorporate into the sauce, then they can't avoid the veggies hehe.

  4. What a yummy meal - I must try this one day!


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