Thursday 15 October 2015

Grumbling away

Back to work after a public holiday break in between the week.  Everyone should have recharged with full batteries for the remaining working days ahead.

Our work life have been made difficult with the implementation of GST.  It is another quarter due for submission and payment of GST.  We are in the job that forcing ourselves to get it done before the due date with our minds and mouths grumbling and cursing away to... you know who.  Our accounting software we thought to be reliable and friendly has becoming unusable because the modules meant for GST have so much restrictions.  

But still, I am grateful that I have a job that fill our rice bowls, my commitments and our daily needs.  Grumbling aside, I need a cup of coffee to start the day.  Just a cup of Indocafe Coffeemix will do which I bought a few weeks ago that came with a free container.


  1. For me, it got to be a nice cup of teh c or teh o. Not a coffee drinker.

  2. A good cuppa can sure makes us relax. :)

  3. yeah, a nice holiday on the mid-week, just great like a pit stop to get ourselves refuel and recharged, and then continue to work (while looking forward to the weekend again, haha!!).. hmmm, GST, i guess many hate this thing huh?? in terms of spending as well as work~~

  4. I agreed with you. GST is indeed making our like more difficult and complicated as well. I used to busy at least once a year for closing year end account but now not just every 3 months, but like almost every single month. Just finish submitted the September one, now busy for October again. Ish ish!


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