Friday 9 October 2015

Sweet Potatoes Soup / Dessert

 My purple sweet potatoes have sprouted after a week or so after I bought them from the market.  Are the sprouted sweet potatoes poisonous?  We have tried, they are not poisonous.   

Nice and healthy shoots.  I believe it will grow into healthy plants if I were to plant them.
But I bought these load of sweet potatoes for dessert. Thus, the shoots are removed and sweet potatoes as sliced into small chunks and into the pot. 

Here is my purple sweet potatoes dessert / soup after boiling for about an hour, add brown sugar to taste.  It has cooling effect (relieve body heatiness according to Chinese). It is our favourite weekend dessert.


  1. I heard it is not good to consume once they sprouting. Not so sure. Haha.


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