Monday 12 October 2015

Sashimi at discounted price

Japanese cuisine is one of my favourite food.  I will always take the opportunity to buy some discounted sushi or sashimi from the supermarket if we happen to be there at the right time of the night, that is 8pm onwards.   They are having an offer of 40% - 50% discounts on selected items.   These sushi and sashimi are selling fast,  there isn't any left after half an hour.

got this about RM8.00 after 50% discount 
40% discount on this sashimi for RM8.30 at the nearby Pick & Pay Store 
We got to finish everything as soon as we reach home.


  1. I like to eat sushi and sashimi ....Oyishi

  2. I remember the days when I was still pak-tor-ing with my now hubby. We live a walking distance to Jusco so at night, we'll walk over and grab sushis at discounted price. Ahh.. what bliss that time. Now, we live further away. Cant just drop by as we wish anymore :(

  3. That's a bargain! I love that you saved so much from this food purchase. It all looks yummy.

  4. We like sushi. We're able to walk to several good sushi restaurants here.

  5. My girls are big time fans of sushi. I only like the sushi toppings, not the rice.
    BTW, your blog takes a very long time to load. Last nite load until I went to bed and now only can read yr blog.


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