Tuesday 20 October 2015

GreenMax Purple Yam & Black Soybean Powder

Have you heard of drinking or consuming black soybean will gradually turn gray hair to black again (if you are born with black brown hair :D).  How I wish it is true to reverse my increasing gray hair.

There are several types of Greenmax products selling in the local hypermarkets here, we chose to buy a  packet consist of 14 sachets of the purple yam & black soybean powder cereal drinks obviously it's because of the Black Soybean Powder content. 

The instructions are at the back of the packet which simply open and pour the fine powder into a mug or bowl and mix with hot water.  Use the spoon to mix gently till smooth. 
Don't be deceived by the cup of purple colour drink on the packet, it is actually more to dark gray colour like the one below, probably because of the black soybean powder that make it turn into dark grayish colour.  

It is very fine and smooth, the sweetness is just nice. I use a rice bowl to serve instead of a mug.  It is ideal for breakfast, tea break or even supper.  I like it hot and dip with plain bread.  We have tried the GreenMax Golden Germ Vegetable Drink too, check it out here.


  1. Hi Agnes... thank you for dropping by at my site...
    I love purple yam but never tried a powdered drink yet.. my mom used to make a sweet and yummy jam from it
    btw, i already added you on my blog roll so I can included you on my blog hop routine hehe thanks

  2. I would love to try this and making my hair blacker would be great.
    Thanks for sharing this new thing.

  3. Hmm something different. You're a fan of this brand?

  4. Please tell me if it is really works, i really need it. I think can take it for lunch haha...can slim down a bit.


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