Saturday 17 October 2015

Munching After Meals 饭后甜品

Each time after meals, I have the urge of having a cup of hot drinks and something to munch.  I prefer hot coffee more than anything else, so I have to get ready packets of coffee mix and some biscuits in my drawer.  

 After a cup of coffee and something to munch, my meals is complete and satisfied, be it in the office or at home, this is one of my habits, pretty much like a dessert after meal for me.

My ''munchies" after meals can be like these :
Munchy's oat krunch and a cup of hot coffee 
wafer biscuit and a cup of hot coffee 


  1. I have few big packs of Oats krunch whenever my kids feel like snacking. :)

  2. Opposite from you, sometimes this would be my lunch - a cup of coffee/tea with biscuits cause having lunch in my office is quite pricey.


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