Saturday 21 June 2008

French Toast

Crystal came to me just before noon and said "Mummy, I'm kind of hungry, can you please make the bread cover with egg, like the one you made that day?" "You mean french toast?" I asked. "emmm...I think so...!" "OK". I took some eggs and Sri Kaya (paste made of sugar, eggs & coconut) from the fridge and she followed me to the kitchen saw the bread and said "luckily we have got bread and eggs", "Yeap" I said. And together we made her favourite french toast for lunch today. My recipe for french toast is to mix eggs with Sri Kaya so that the toast is sweet in taste.


  1. hmm looks so yummy! i love french toast with a cup of nescafe in the morning ;-)

  2. God, I haven't eaten French toast in ages and that picture is making me wanna go home tonight and make some ... hehehe ...


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