Saturday 7 June 2008


It's pouring saturday afternoon, perfect time to take an afternoon nap. Since I am not used to having afternoon nap, I sit in front of the computer surfing and blogging away though I am a bit tired. I was woken up by Crystal at 3.00am as she was having nosebleed again, she was scared to see blood coming out from her nose for the third time.. so I have to be there to comfort her and gave her reassurance that it would be okay, and put her back to sleep again. It was a stressful night that I was unable to sleep after that; I got out to the market with Pearl at 6.00am to buy some ingredient to make soup for Crystal which my mum said is good to stop nosebleed. Hope it will help. While checking on the web for the cause of nosebleed, I found this piece of information useful, please check it out for the causes and treatments for nosebleed in children.
While I was busy on the net, Clet suggested why don't we have a cup of Old Town White Coffee and "ham jin piang" (a popular local cake) for afternoon tea, hey! why not, afterall he is making it for me so that I can stay awake and continue with my blogging. The 2 in 1 Old Town White Coffee is quite thick which is good enough to make me stay awake for the afternoon probably till night.

A big packet of Old Town 2 in 1 White Coffee.

A mug of Old Town 2 in 1 White Coffee and "Ham Jin Piang" for our afternoon tea.

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