Thursday 26 June 2008

My Little Sunshine

Crystal was selected to be one of the contestants in the school's singing competition last month. Her competition song was "You are My Sunshine", coincidently this was the song the daddy always singing to her while I was pregnant to her. She practised at home weeks before the competition, unfortunately she was not selected into the final, she claimed that due to cough & flu she was unable to perform well in the selecting process, we knew very well that she had done her best.
Know what?? Much to our surprise that at the age of less than 3 years, Pearl has actually picked up the song after listening to Crystal practising at home. Now, let's me present our little sunshine with her song "You are My Sunshine".


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  2. Aaaaaaw... she's so smart and adorable Agnes. It's okay if she wasn't selected, at least she was brave enough to enter the competition... Ah well, better luck next time :)

  3. Hi Dora, She is always very excited to have performances in school, good exposure for her.

  4. ohhhhh... that was cute... :) and she is not shy too..


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