Thursday 26 June 2008

Home made sandwiches

Instead of having rice or noodles for lunch day after day. I decided to make some sandwiches for lunch once in a while. Crystal is much more easier to feed as compare to Pearl; to accommodate their individual preferences, I came out with four different types of fillings for my sandwiches (that's what I have in my fridge that day). By looking at the pictures, can you guess what fillings are they?

Here's the answers. From left to right:
  1. Cheese with Snow brand diary spread sandwich;
  2. Peanut butter sandwich; and
  3. Snow brand dairy spread sandwich;

What was your guess? Did you get them all right?

The cheese with Snow brand dairy spread sandwiches are mainly for the girls as both of my girls love cheese very much; the St. Dalfour cranberry with blueberry spread sandwiches are meant for Clet as the spread is made up of pure fruits with no sugar added, only the natural sweetness of concentrated grape juice is used, our age is catching up so low intake of sugar is always encouraged. Pearl is a peanut butter lover, the peanut butter sandwiches are made specially for her. As for me, I would finish whatever left at the end..:) No good to waste food bah kan!!!


  1. Hmmm... yummy sandwiches, now you make me wanna fix some for myself :)

  2. Hi Dora, not a bad idea for light lunch & tea break too..

  3. wow..your sandwiches looked tempting and healthy! I love cheese very much too ;-)


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