Friday 6 June 2008


It has been a while that we stopped giving or rather the girls refused to take the vitamins that we find is best for them, simply because the taste of the natural wild berry flavoured of the Usana's Usanimals multivitamin tablets are not as good and alluring as other brands of vitamins. They are made by using natural sweetener and flavouring, and lack of artificial colouring. The tablets are in different animal shapes and grey in colour. We even showed them this Usana's Mega girl video clip just to convince them but the effect only lasted for a while.

Lately, Crystal suffered from nose bleed and severe allergy, so we decided to put her back on the Usanimals multivitamins again a couple of days ago so that she is able to get the nutrients that is lacking from the food that she consumes. Both of them are very picky eaters. Pearl has been eating much lesser solid food than before instead ask for milk more frequently which is good too.
Surprisingly, Crystal is willing to take up to a daily dosage of two tablets as recommended for the last two days; while seeing her sister taking it Pearl also started to ask for her share. Unlike before we have to crush the tablets and put them in their milk. They even rejected the milk after tasting them, kids are smart they know what have been added to their milk right!? Actually, The Usanimals multivitamins are not for sale in Malaysia yet but a friend of ours gave us some by sending them all the way from New Zealand and we also managed to bought some after that by the help of our friend while she travelled to Singapore months ago. Hope the girls are doing good with the vitamins and become mega girls..:)

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