Friday 20 June 2008

On trial at playschool

Probably Pearl is too excited knowing that she will be going to school today that she woke her daddy up at 5am and me at around 6am this morning. She was in tears when we passed her school without sending her there after sending Crystal to school, simply because we were thinking of getting some breakfast first so that I can join her in school without having to starve myself for three hours there. So I ended up taking a small piece of swiss roll in packet which I brought in my bag. She had a very fun and enjoyable time at the school's playground this morning. Playground is the place that she has been nagging us to bring her to all this while; she also joined in some of the activities rather than clinging on me all the time at the very new place. She loves school so much that she refused to go, she was crying when I put her in the car and have to promise her that we will send her to school again..:D Was planned to take some photos of her in school but I forgot to take the camera from Clet's bag. I am always that forgetful!! :(

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