Sunday 1 June 2008


As promised to our girls last night, BIL Edward, sent Edson & Kathleen over to our place at around 10am yesterday morning. Edson and Kathleen and our girls are real good buddies as their age gap are closer as compare to their elder cousin brothers and sisters. Kathleen brought along some cooking toys over as promised and they started to play after the girls had taken their breakfast (super fast this time coz can’t wait to start playing).

At around 11.30am, we went to the state-wide Wesak Day celebration or better known as Buddha's birthday celebration at Kian Kok Secondary School by the invitation of our dear cousin, Prescilla who is a very dedicated buddhist. This was the first time for myself and Crystal been to a Wesak Day celebration and this is a grand one according to Prescilla. We had lunch there and the kids are not used to having vegetarian food. But they had fun time running around the canteen while we were having our lunch.
We brought them to Burger King to have something to munch after that. Kathleen posted a question to Crystal by asking her “Who is the king of food”, “Burger King” Crystal replied jokingly. LOL.. :D, know what?? I realised dining at Pizza Hut is more satisfying and cheaper than Burger King.. The kids continue their fun time at home after that while I spent time with my dad, sis Angela, bro Albert and SIL Shirley at brother’s house in the afternoon.

The display of the Buddha for the celebration. The flowers are beautifully arranged all around the buddhas.

One of the flower arrangements

Vegetarian lunch offered at the celebration

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