Monday 9 June 2008


We have had a great time at our little nephew, Ethan's 1st birthday on last Saturday night. Crystal and Pearl were thrilled with the balloons given out by Joyce soon after we arrived at the party. Almost all the family members were there to share the joy of Ethan turning 1. Actually, it was a double birthday celebrations that day, but we only got to know it on the night itself that our friend, Dominic, was also sharing the same birthday with Ethan, who turned 40++. It's always been fun getting birthday presents for children; We gave Ethan a Barney and a Wheels on the Bus VCDs as his birthday presents that will definitely bring out the joyous character in him.
All ready for the Party

A lovely birthday cake for Ethan (made by Deana)

Another cake for big boy Dominic
Ready...Cut the cakes
A Happy familyThe balloons gang
Ethan & grandma

A Barney and a Wheel on the Bus VCDs for little Ethan

Please hop over to Joyce's blog for more photos and video


  1. pearl looks so cute in the first photo! i can see that crystal's coat is being used by her now... =)

  2. Thanks for doing an entry on Ethan's 1st bday bash :) BTW, can i copy the pics taken during tht day? hehehe... I mean in my thumbdrive or maybe can email to me if not too huge...

  3. Estellar, Ya. Crystal prefers to use her jeans jacket.

    Joyce, I will try to email to you by stages. Probably I will have to resize them.

  4. my girl loves the wheels on the bus too. :)


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