Friday 29 April 2011

Lights for the house

Since last week Clet has been wanting to bring me to an electrical shop in Inanam where there are some nice ceiling lights for sale on discounts. We went there last night just half and hour before the shop closes.

We spent our half an hour there looking up at the ceiling for those lights and chandeliers. Honestly getting a nice and suitable lights for the house is not easy especially with tight budget to work with.

Personally I pretty much prefer to have a chandelier at the entrance / foyer of our house, it makes the house looks grand some how, but the price is not cheap too. I am thinking of getting something resembling of a chandelier but with much cheaper price (lower grade chandelier so to speak).
I quite like this one
and this one

This lemon light caught the eyes on my girls
this is not bad too but insects tend to land on the centre piece (the middle bowl)
My girls wanted me to take photo of this light because of the hanging stars and the moons
This is also one of our choice. Gold trimming, I need a lot of gold...:D But the price is too high for this type of ceiling light.
It must have been the shape of the butterfly fairy wings that made Pearl took photo of this light.

We did not buy any of the lights yet, still searching for the ones that really to our liking and with most reasonable price.


  1. I thought chandeliers should be in the middle of the big living room/grand ballroom. We have a big mansion here in Sibu and they have theirs in the car porch. Bad taste!

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. Hi Agnes! Thx for stopping by My Little Sprouts! Wow at the blog posts you managing, that's really impressive! My husband too hv fave for beautiful lights, but not me... lol, anything cheap and decently good will be fine for me!^^

  3. I love chandeliers too, but I'm really afraid of the maintenance work. You know, dust tends to stuck in between the beautiful beads / crystals. Lazy for the cleaning work, unless I have a maid :p

    And thanks for dropping by my humble blog :)

  4. em....for me i like more modern and contemporary style, but i like the one u choose it can make your house feel soft,warm and cozy.


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