Friday 22 April 2011

Update on House Repair

After a week or so, with an increase number of 1 worker to 3 last week, they have helped to speed up the work a little. They managed to remove the bath tub from the master bed room and the shower tray from the common bath room, glad that we decided to remove them because there are leakages and water have been retained underneath, the downstairs ceiling are falling off due to the water sipping in over the years. To avoid same problem happen in the future, layers and layers of water proofing have been applied on the bathrooms floor before tiling can be done, normally takes up several day for it to dry up totally, some delay now to avoid future headache.
Floor tiles have been laid for the room downstairs, the tiles appeared to be a bit beige instead of cream, but it's ok. The dinner and living room fallen ceiling have been touched up, under coating has also been applied to the walls, just need to be repainted.

Our nephew introduced a good carpenter who will be helping to repair the built in wardrobe and kitchen cabinets which initially we thought of getting rid of them, actually the wood are in good condition, just need a good carpenter to reform them.

Inspected the house today, there are still a long way to fully get the whole house repaired. We will have to leave the kitchen, front and back yard for later. These areas can be done even when we have moved in.

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