Sunday 17 April 2011

Part time work from home job

Just to extend what I am already doing in my current job, I am taking up part time book-keeping and accounting job to do at home. This part time tasks was passed over to me from my auditor friend when I indicated to her that I too would like to do some freelance accounting jobs.

Last week I went to my client's office and loaded up my car boot with over 10 files. I have got a dateline to meet, that is to complete and finalise the accounts by the middle of May in order for them to submit the taxes by June 2011. Very tight schedule for me to complete the whole year's accounts in just a month time, at the same time I will have to start packing get ready to move to our new home. I can feel the pressure now! Since I have agreed to take up the tasks, I can not let my client down!! Notice has also been given to our landlord that we are moving out by the middle of May, so there are going to be a major packing works to be done, all at the same time!!

Here comes the extra work, extra income and inevitable extra pressure and lesser free time, all in a package!

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