Saturday 16 April 2011

Purple Chilli

While busy washing the dirty dishes in the kitchen, Clet told me that he brought back a pot of purple colour chili plant from her sister, Monica. What Purple Chili? With curiosity I checked it out the next day morning. I found a tiny chili plant with purple and red chillies, this is the first time I saw purple chillies as far as my memories can bring me.

I took some photos and showed them to my colleague who likes to plant chili, I know she will love to have some purple chili seeds to add on to her home farming at her backyard. She is using fertiliser from worms' compose. I would like to see how this chili will turn out to be with her worm's compose.

If you don't like to eat chili, this chili plant can also be a good house plant, it is very unique to me.

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