Sunday 24 April 2011

On Easter Sunday 2011

Besides going to Church in the morning, had breakfast at one of the usual shop and did some food shopping along our way before dropping by at Wong's home for a visit. We stayed at home for the whole afternoon. Crystal and Pearl had part of their task done, that is to segregate and pack their toys ready for moving to our new home. They did that almost the whole afternoon, like any other sisters there are voices of complaints and arguments on whom not helping. I just have to tell them that those toys are belongs to two of them so both of them have to discuss on what to bring and what to give away. Besides some disagreements I noticed that they do enjoyed the whole tasks because they have found some long lost toys and started to play with them again, that's why it took them such a long hours to get the job done.

Probably they find their Barbie dolls a bit messy, it gave them the idea of bathing them. I just allowed them to, it is a part of cleaning up I suppose. After some snacks, they happily bathing their Barbie dolls and washing their hair :d

With Clet being outstation today, We had a simple dinner at home.


  1. Bathing the barbie dolls? o.0

  2. Read and saw your girls packing up toys, which made me think of Toy Story 3. Glad to see your girls enjoying the cleaning up.


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