Monday 18 April 2011

Dad's 74th Birthday

It's a sleepy Monday for me, can't wait to head home for a nice nap but again that's quite impossible when I am working for a boss.

Our weekends have been busy and have not been able to have some rest.

We celebrated my father's 74th birthday on Saturday. I felt pretty exhausted that I didn't feel like baking a cake so I called up my colleague to order a cake thought I could get a good discount from them as a staff of the holding company, but the price quoted to me is too expensive even after discount. Finally I decided to bake a simple butter cake for my father, luckily I have all the ingredients that I need except 2 bars of butter which is easily obtainable with just a phone call away (Clet was just at the nearby shop). I managed to get the cake baked just slightly over midnight on Friday.
Ensond & Anneliese rushing to blow the candles

After more than a year break from taking any competitions outside the school since she started primary education, Crystal went for a fun and easy "Spot The Difference" contest on Sunday, that's yesterday. I do not mind letting her join in the competition as there is no preparation needed prior to the contest. She was ever so relax that she did not even bring any stationery (not even a pencil). The contest was held at Central Shopping Plaza. At the site, the parents were the ones busier than the kids, carrying their kids' tables, chairs, bags and kept reminding their kids what to do and what not before the contest. Needless to say much, I am also one of this kind of parent, rushing to find a pencil and eraser for Crystal in the shopping complex.

Contest in progress

The contest suppose to take 1 hour to finish but Crystal only took like 15 minutes to spot all the differences. She came all the way from the 3rd floor to Ground Floor supermarket to look for me where I suppose to spend the 1 hour to do some shopping. Giving me a shock!
The winners

She won herself a trophy from this contest, requested me to drive her home at a lightning speed to show her daddy and Pearl.


  1. The cake very nicely done! Send my wishes to your dad.

  2. the cake is so sweet looking :)

  3. Hello Agnes, I enjoyed reading your this eloquent posting.
    And many happy returns to your dad.
    Wow! You baked that cake? Its really beautiful. Bet its finger licking good.
    Nice pics too.
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.


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