Sunday 24 April 2011

Cooking Macaroni, the easiest way

My two little ones are macaroni cheese lovers. They simply love the one at Kenny Roger's, unfortunately me the mummy does not how to cook something near to that. Instead, I have found the easiest, fastest and needless to say, the laziest way of preparing macaroni by using the simplest recipe. Just boil a packet of Campbell's mushroom soup to mix with the cooked macaroni and serve. All done in just 10-15 minutes depending which brand of macaroni I cook.

Too lazy to think of what's for breakfast for my girls yesterday morning, I just prepared this for them so that I could do the house chaos and continue with my part time book keeping job. I know they won't mind having this as an alternative to their favourite KG macaroni cheese.

As for me, I had a half day fast by having bananas and juices as breakfast on this Holy Saturday.

Apple and carrot juices for the little ones
I added some raw papaya to my juice
and also a packet of Super Green Food for extra nutrition, the juice look greener with the Super Green Food powder.

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