Tuesday 26 April 2011

No postage service to Israel

Do you know that there is no postage service to Israel by Pos malaysia? Recently I posted a packet via Pos Malaysia registered airmail to a buyer in Israel whom bought an item from my online shop. I have checked and noticed that she has previously did some purchases from other sellers in Malaysia, I thought it should be alright to accept her payments and proceed to send the product to her.

Last week I found a Pos Malaysia's notice in my mail box requesting me to see the officer regarding a post that I sent to Israel 2 weeks ago which I thought it has arrived to the receiver.

I went to see the officer yesterday, I waited about 45 minutes in her office situated in the main post office mails sorting room, I never knew the sorting room is such a big place with many sorting clerks standing there sorting out baskets and baskets of our mails each day. I was thinking of taking photos but dropped the ideas in case of infringement of privacy whatsoever.

The officer was not late, her working hour starts from 9am, I thought all government servants start work at 8am, I was too early. She explained to me that my post has in fact arrived at KLIA and it was returned due to no service to Israel, advise me to claim it back and sent by other service provider which is much more expensive. I told her that why at the first place the pos office clerk accepted my post when I sent it through the counter? Well, human do make mistakes.

I will have to go back there to see the officer again to claim my packet of mail as I did not bring my prove of postage when I see her yesterday, it was left in the office. The postage that I paid for is claimable, I can imagine it's going to be a long process for me claim back postage and I also have to refund my buyer her money :(


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing the infor.. I dint know that there's no postage service to Israel...

  2. I thought it was now a borderless world already, looks like someone is still living in stone age ...


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