Thursday 23 June 2011

Blowing the balloons

I was slipping into my childhood years for a while when I saw these little tubes of balloon gum. It was one of our favourite games back to the old days, we used to blow lots of balloons with it into different sizes and stick them together.

My girls has been wanting to buy some after seeing children playing them in the school. We bought them at one of the toys shop at Megalong shopping mall at RM1.00 for 5 little tubes.

This was the first time our girls trying to blow a balloon out of these gum. I had to show them how it works and show them how to seal the balloon back if there is a hole. After a few blows, Pearl handed it over to me, she was disgusted with the smell of the gum. Crystal is OK with it.

Pearl prefers to wait for her che che to blow the balloons for her and play together.


  1. Ya, I miss this 'game' too. Used to compete with my friends see who blow the biggest balloon, haha :D

  2. Ahhhh yes! This brings back so much memories of my childhood too. Like Pearl, I didn't like the smell of the gum....but I still had lots of fun blowing them up with my siblings and friends.

  3. I want to go and buy this for my girls too. Look so much fun. I hope I can get it easily. I will try.


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