Monday 13 June 2011

Shopping for flowers and plants

The weather has been very wet lately. Hot sunny weather in morning heavy downpour in the afternoon. It was raining on the Friday night till Saturday morning, such a weather is nice for a good night sleep, no air conditioning is needed.

Though it was still raining, we proceeded to the tamu at Giant Hypermarket's car park at planned on Saturday morning. The road condition has never been in smooth condition at Kolombong area even before I worked at that area some 10 years ago. Potholes every way, flooded on certain parts of the road, repairing work does not seems to end.
Flooded road
and another stretch of flooded road

Like many other tamus, they sell varieties of stuff, from pets to vegetable, from toys to plants. Our intention was to find potted plants. Our girls attracted to the pets/animals stalls where they sell hamsters, little chicky, little duckling, rabbits and puppies.

There are few stalls selling plants, I am not into gardening so have no idea what sort of plants Clet is looking for, he did all the plants shopping.

But Crystal like these 9 o'clock flowers, I bought 2 little pots of these, our girls picked the colours they wanted, that's red and pink, we have not transplanted them to a better pots yet, they are still in the mineral bottles containers. These plants are easily grown, not much care needed.
I guess these must be the local gerbera daisy, the flowers are not as big as the ones I bought for my flower arrangements which I used to do last time.
Same goes to the roses, tiny. But can't expect much from local grown floral, only if I could get these type of result from my planting I would be very happy.


  1. You know Agnes, lately i am into flower and plants,i think it is very stress therapeutic to just manning the flowers and plants, i am going for my flowers and plants hunt this coming Saturday too, promised my boys already lol

  2. Hi Agnes, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love the 9 o clock flowers too, in fact I love any flowers with minimal leaves. But sadly I have no green fingers. Once I bought fake flowers to put in garden and my neighbors fell for it, thinking they were real, hahahahahahah


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