Tuesday 28 June 2011

"Competitive" weekends

We had a very busy and "competitive" weekends. Both of our girls went out for competitions.

Pearl went for a singing competition on Saturday. Crystal would like to attempt the word search competition on Sunday.

After winning a 7th placing in her school's singing competition last month which has boosted her confidence in singing, Pearl is eager to take part in singing competition again, this time outside her school.
Pearl and her little friend, Samantha, she is small in size but with good voice. She was the champion in the school singing contest and got the 5th placing on the Saturday's contest.

This singing contest was organised by an event organiser inviting children of 3 different categories to take part, that is 5-6 years old, 7-9 years old and 10-12 years old. Pearl belongs to the youngest categories. After the competition, we realised that besides the 3 students from Pearl's kindergarten, the rest are all from music or vocal schools. They have been taught of the technique of singing and dancing on stage, whereas Pearl just had a little guidance from her school teacher. That was the main losing edge.

Pearl is singing and dancing on stage

Helping her daddy to control the video cam

Enjoying ice cream while watching and waiting for the other 2 categories to finish their contests before result could be announced.

Too tired of waiting for the result, taking a rest.

Pearl was very disappointed that she was unable to win any prize, she told us that she has done well in her singing and why not prize for her, we had to explain to her that she have done very well, which she did, better than the competition in school, but other kids have done better because they have professional singing teacher to teach them, that's the advantage.

Though she did not win any prize, we are so very proud of her, especially seeing her going on stage to sing without fear and with full of confident. Pearl, you have conquered the fear which mummy has no guts to even think of trying. Keep it up!!

Crystal went for another competition on Sunday, this time was the word search competition, occasionally she tries on some word search exercises in the work books. She managed to find all the words in the contest but probably she was not fast enough to complete the tasks as compare to others students, she too did not win any prize this time. But she managed to win herself a magnetic book mark by answering question in the quiz. She said better than none ".".

What a "competitive" weekends we have had. We treat these kind of activities as training ground for them to gain experience plus exposure and hopefully to unleash their potentials in areas they are good at.


  1. Pearl looks really professional up the stage with hand actions...She's so lucky to have the opportunity to perform in public. She's really brave. Well done gal!

  2. Any video tape on her performance.. kudos to her courage!


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