Monday 20 June 2011

A comment on mummy's car

After fetching Pearl from school this afternoon, as usual she would ask for her bottle of "nenen" (milk) first thing she enters into the car. Just coming out from the junction, we had these conversations:

Pearl shouted, " mummy..mummy..look at this nice car!!"

Me : "Where..??", I asked her after coming out from the busy junction.

Pearl : "Aiya..passed already didn't see.."

Curiously I asked her : "Why? Mummy's car not nice meh??"

Pearl answered without much hesistant : "Ehmm..Nice...But have to make Shiny!!" and she continued to enjoy her nenen again.

Yup! My little girl sure has noticed the condition of my 10 year old car, faded paint, scratches here and there, with dented front. If not she wouldn't have made such a comment. She has indeed made me smile with her honest comment and I am very glad that I have a fully paid car (an asset) though it is no longer shiny, Pearl would be pleased if I were to repaint my car to make it shiny again :D


  1. Time for a new car? hehe :P

  2. My two girls, 7 and 5, are not taking 'nen nen' anymore. They only take MILO(with a bit of milk) and yogurt.

  3. Go and buy a new car with the Pearly white to match the beautiful Pearl,,,,,,hahahahah, thinking of changing new care,,,,,,,,,,,all the best then,ya Agnes

  4. Hayley, eugene,

    am not ready to buy a new car yet! My dream car is either new model of CRV or a Harrier..which is way off my budget..too bad!!

    Sheoh Yan,

    Pearl is still having at least 3 bottles of nen nen each day. Crystal has stopped since she was 5.


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