Tuesday 14 June 2011

Garlic to treat common cough and flu

I felt the itchiness of my throat last night and it getting worst this morning. My nose is stuck. I know I am getting the sign of cough and flu. To avoid seeing the doctor and taking medications, I always opt to take plenty of vitamins and supplements first.

For cough and flu, I was told and experienced myself by taking lots of vitamin C and garlic supplement, with more than 10 capsules of garlic in a day, I also placed 2 capsules in my mouth while I sleep, just let the capsules melt by themselves in my mouth. This has helped me got rid of my cough and flu many months ago. Garlic is known to have anti bacterial, anti fungal properties and many other health benefits.

I am doing the same thing again by taking lots of garlic capsules but with no vitamin C this time. Let see whether garlic alone will do any good this time round. My last alternative would be to take the Bird's Nest Chong Chow Pi Pa Dan which I always keep some stock to treat my bad and nasty cough.

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  1. I just recovered from a bad cough. I relied on antibiotic - Zinnat again. I hate coughing and I can hardly stand it.


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