Saturday 11 June 2011

Saturday is a work day too..

Though I am having Saturdays off from my full time employer, it is still a working Saturday for me at times. There are ever so much works on my hands, just hope that my health can cope with them.

I plan to meet up with my part time employer tomorrow to finalise their accounts so that we can hand it over to the tax agent, we are really short of time to submit the taxes by the end of this month. I kind of feeling the pressure myself that I have to pressure them to sit down and look at their accounts urgently. I have been staying up late and have put so many hours compiling them. I need to get the job done. Clet is also after my tail for his business accounts. I always wish to have 48 hours in a day, with that I will have more time to get things done and time for a rest.

School starts again next Monday, it will be all the rushing again, I am glad that Clet is slowing down with his outstation assignment and put more time on his new venture located just a few minutes drive from our home. Less stressful for him and better for his health too..

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